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A Top Advisor To Rep. Mike Rogers – Who’s Blocking Jim Jordan’s Speakership – Is A Lobbyist For The Ukraine Government.

Why is Rep. Mike Rogers so opposed to the prospect of a Speaker Jim Jordan? Even pledging to “work with Democrats” to stop the Trump-endorsed candidate?

In short: Rep. Rogers, the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, is bought and paid for by the defense industry.

He was the top recipient of weapons industry contributions in the 2022 election cycle, at a hefty figure of over $440,000. Some of his top contributors include Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, and L3Harris Technologies.

Forbes even called him the “Arms Industry’s Dream Representative.” The same industry that desperately wants aid to Ukraine to continue.

What’s more, his former decade-long Chief of Staff, Senior Advisor, and Legislative Director “handling all national security policy issues” Andy Keiser departed Rep. Rogers office to become a lobbyist at Navigators Global LLC.

A Senior Principal at the firm since 2017, Navigator Global LLC is a registered lobbyist on behalf of the Ukrainian government as of April 2022. Keiser’s firm represents the “Committee on National Security, Defence and Intelligence Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine” providing “government relations consulting, public advocacy and education.”

Among the Ukrainians Navigators Global LLC is working on behalf of are Chairman of the Subcommittee on Defense Industry and Technical Modernization and Chairman of the Subcommittee of National Security and Defense.

A letter outlining the agreement details how the Ukrainian foreign agent “require your efforts to educate and advocate to United States policymakers in the U.S. Congress and in the Biden Administration on the critical needs of our country as a result of the Russian invasion to Ukraine.”

Specifically, the Ukrainian Parliament wanted “assistance during this conflict to further educate and advocate to key members of the U.S. Congress and the Biden Administration on our war and humanitarian requirements.”

“Please establish appropriate contact with members of the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate defense and foreign relations committees and U.S. Congressional leadership as requested. Please also establish appropriate contact with Biden Administration officials. As possible, the Committee will also provide members of Ukraine parliament and other Ukraine officials for video or telephonic calls to augment your efforts. We are also pleased that you may be utilizing former military experts in the region to validate the requirements presented.”

“Last, please establish a robust public affairs campaign to focus on the critical needs of Ukraine to reach key U.S officials and stakeholders in the United States and beyond as necessary,” continued the letter.

2022 Agreement.


In other words: Rep. Rogers’s old Chief of Staff is now lobbying his old boss to give more money to Ukraine.

Conveniently for Navigators Global LLC, Rep. Rogers led the Congressional Delegation tasked with “conducting oversight of the U.S. aid being sent to Ukraine.”

Despite massive evidence of money laundering and improper use of funds, Rep. Rogers said the trip left him “confident” in U.S. aid packages to the notoriously corrupt country.

“We came away with a clear understanding of the various safeguards the U.S. government, in partnership with the Ukrainians and other nations, have put in place to ensure each article is accounted for and tracked to the frontline of the war,” he remarked.

The trip comes after his track record of repeatedly pushing for more aid to Ukraine – and lamenting to the mainstream media about his colleagues who feel otherwise.

With Republicans like this, who even needs Democrats? Well, apparently Rep. Rogers does.

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