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Adidas Collaborates with Radical Designer – Unveils Homely Male as Company’s Newest Women’s Swimwear Model – Conservatives Respond in Brutal Fashion | The Gateway Pundit

Credit: Oli London Twitter/Adidas

Adidas on Wednesday became the latest woke, globalist corporation to shove the radical left trans agenda in America’s face.

The company decided to feature an ugly biological male who calls himself a woman as their newest female swimwear model.

As Fox News reported, Adidas collaborated with radical South African designer Rich Mnisi to release the “Let Love Be Your Legacy” collection and campaign. The company claims to want to “encourage allyship and freedom of expression without bias, in all spaces of sport and culture” with its campaign with Mnisi.

Mnisi said this in an Adidas news release:

In creating this collection, I had a strong impulse to speak to my inner-child and express to the world how LGBTQ+ allyship can create a legacy of love. “Unifying these themes together through my own visual language and Adidas’ iconic performance and lifestyle pieces is a powerful combination, making the collection a symbol for self-acceptance and LGBTQ+ advocacy. My hope is this range inspires LGBTQ+ allies to speak up more for the queer people they love and not let them fight for acceptance alone.

In classic woke speak, this means replacing attractive females with hideous males dressing up as women.


Adidas, of course, is just the latest globalist company to collude with the radical trans mafia to erase women from society. Nike and Bud Light last month decided to shove trans social media personality Dylan Mulvaney in America’s face.

Bud Light has not recovered from this move despite firing the executive responsible for Mulvaney. Their sales have cratered by over 20% per week since putting Mulvaney on their beer cans.

Conservatives led by Riley Gaines responded to this latest stunt by woke corporate America in brutal fashion.

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