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Ahead of Swearing In of Radical Progressive Chicago Mayor Johnson, 49 Shootings on Mother’s Day Weekend | The Gateway Pundit

Radical progressive Brandon Johnson is inheriting a violent city from out-going failed Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

For four years, Lightfoot let her city burn with rampant crime and violence.

And while Chicago voters may have had enough of Lightfoot, they doubled down on the progressive soft approach on crime by electing Johnson. Johnson will be sworn in on Monday.

Over Mother’s Day weekend, the city was once again engulfed in violence.  According to ABC 7 News, “at least 49 people were shot and seven died over the last three days in locations all over the city.”

On Friday, mothers who lost children to violence, begged the community for calm over the weekend to no avail.

ABC7 News reports:

“It is tough on a mother. She carried that child nine months and to lose that child within a matter of seconds at the hand of another individual. That is a tough burden,” he said.

Holmes and other community members working to stop the bloodshed gathered Sunday near Mt. Hope Cemetery, a place they say many grieving mothers spent the day remembering children killed on city streets.

“If you look over there, that place was so packed it looked like a drive-thru,” said Michael Airhart, CEO of All Kids Matter.

“Men, we need to step up more like we have been doing, get these streets, beat these streets, talk to these teens,” Holmes said.

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