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“All The Punks Gave The Man Control.” New Song From Anti-Woke Record Label Exposes Music Industry Sell Out

“Ain’t No Rock And Roll,” the latest single from singer-songwriter Five Times August highlights corporate cowardice in the music industry from the profiteering and promotion of COVID-19 mandates by pop stars. The song serves as a commentary on the current state of pop culture and the financial influence that often overshadows artistic expression and integrity.

The music video captures the essence of rock and roll’s golden era in the 1960s, juxtaposed with themes of masks, vaccines, and money. It evokes a sense of nostalgia for what has been lost due to the music industry’s alignment with big corporations under the guise of woke ideology.

Celebrities who have notably partnered with Pfizer to promote the coronavirus vaccine like P!NK, Charlie Puth, and Questlove are shown as Five Times August sings, “All the stars and the big pharma whores shillin’ for a check from their corporate chores.” The song goes on to call out the loss of the rebellious spirit of rock and roll as lyrics proclaim, “No there ain’t no fighter in the foo, no more rockin’ in these free world shoes. All the high strung Neil Young wannabees yeah their silence has been deafening. All the suits lick the boots of the government, what they sang they never meant.”

Counter culture not cancel culture is the mantra for Baste Records, the anti-woke freedom loving label that produced the song in collaboration with Five Times August who off-stage is better known as Brad Skistimas.

Baste Records head of A&R Chris Wallin told Timcast News: “It has been an absolute pleasure working with Five Times August on his upcoming single ‘Ain’t No Rock And Roll.’”

“I feel truly fortunate to be a part of a creative movement and people who are no longer afraid to put out music that reflects their beliefs as people and their artistry. When I first started in this business these were just called simply, ‘Artists,’ and that’s exactly what Five Times August is, a true and authentic artist standing up for what he and a lot of us believe. And that is a beautiful thing.”

Artists who dare to speak out against corporate interests in the music industry have seen the fruits of their labor. Recently, the country music industry faced controversy when Jason Aldean’s song “Try That in a Small Town” received intense backlash. Despite this, the song still managed to top the charts, even after its music video was pulled from the air by Country Music Television.

“Ain’t No Rock and Roll” pulls back the curtain on the price of conformity and the role corporate pro-establishment powers play in the entertainment industry while leaving listeners with a keen understanding of what free expression looks like in the modern day.

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