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Biden Gave Seven-Figure Grant To Ukraine’s Border Patrol Just Weeks Before Title 42 Expired In America.

Less than one month before the emergency health authority Title 42 expired, the U.S. State Department awarded Ukraine’s Border Patrol with a robust, seven-figure grant.

The grant, which is readily accessible on the federal government’s online spending database,  started on April 18th, 2023, and is set to expire on October 16th. The agreement, which has currently allocated $1,011,625 in taxpayer funds, could potentially be increased to a total of $1,980,750 and extended until March of next year.

The State Department awarded the grant to Bizzell Corp, a logistics firm based out of Wyoming, to “manufacture and delivery of dugout shelters for the state border guard service of the Ukraine.” Reporting reveals that the firm will supply Ukraine with 100 Field Accommodation Dugouts.

“These portable bunkers, constructed like cargo containers, are designed to be buried underground near the Ukrainian border to provide a small living shelter for soldiers on the front lines.

The dugouts are constructed and retrofitted in Ukraine and come fully stocked with a wood-burning stove, ventilation system, solar energy, bunk beds and storage space,” explains an article announcing the recent grant. A LinkedIn post from Bizzell Corp celebrated the contract, noting that their Ukrainian counterpart was responsible for “ensuring inviolability of state borders, and the protection of sovereign rights”:

“As a function of this work, Bizzell is providing emergency assistance to the SBGS, building field accommodation dugouts and delivering them to various locations on the northern Ukrainian border. The SBGS is an independent law enforcement agency, organized by the Constitution of Ukraine as a military formation, the head of which is subordinated to the President of Ukraine. They are responsible for ensuring inviolability of state borders, and the protection of sovereign rights within its exclusive (maritime) economic zone.”

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The orders are set to be delivered in installments of 20 units per month, with the first order scheduled to be delivered by May 31st, 2023.

The seven-figure grant comes amidst billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars flowing to Ukraine with virtually no insight into where the funds end up, despite the Eastern European country’s notoriety for corruption and business deals with President Biden’s son, Hunter. The grant also began less than one month before Title 42 expired, which led to an invasion-level influx of illegal immigrants into the U.S. beginning on May 12th.

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