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Bud Light Disaster So Bad It’s Now Buying Back Its Own Beer After Mulvaney Fiasco: Report

Bud Light is still suffering consequences from its ill-fated partnership with transgender TikTok activist Dylan Mulvaney, and it has gotten so bad that beer is still sitting on the shelves and lying un-bought, as products run past their expiration dates.

This is forcing the beer brand to deploy the very expensive tactic of buying back products that are past their expiration dates from distributors that have not been able to sell it, the Wall Street Journal reported.

So, not only is Bud Light losing sales, it is now entering into negative sales territory as the company is compelled to buy back its own, now spoiled, product!

The Journal published a fairly comprehensive timeline of events from the day Mulvaney posted a photo of his gift of a Bud Light can with his face on it to his Instagram account all the way to this month as sales continue to fall for the brand. And the Journal showed that the company has made a long series of missteps to the point that even left-wing groups have ended up mad at Bud Light.


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Worse, sales have been plunging for weeks with anywhere from 20 percent to nearly 30 percent lower sales over a year ago. And this cratering of sales is leaking into the numbers of parent company Anheuser-Busch InBev’s other brands, too.

But the article also seems to make clear that Bud Light and AB InBev really haven’t learned any sort of lesson from this fiasco so far. Or at least they are learning the wrong lesson.

“Bud Light for decades has sponsored LGBT rights groups and pride events. AB InBev says it also has worked to cultivate an inclusive workplace for LGBT employees in its offices around the world,” the paper wrote.

That goes without saying, of course. It is nearly impossible to find a major U.S. corporation that has not handed over millions of dollars to radical gay and transgender groups. Nearly every one of them does this.

Do you think Bud Light can win conservatives back?

But the Journal went on noting that AB InBev CEO Michel Doukeris still sees no reason to stop supporting groomers, transgenders, and LGBT groups.

“Doukeris said the brewer would continue to support organizations with which it has decades-long relationships, including LGBT rights groups. He drew a distinction between corporate sponsorship and brand marketing. Beer marketing, he said, should focus on broad themes such as sports, music, and connecting people,” the paper said.

Notice what this means. It means that AB InBev will continue to undermine our system of education, our culture, our families, and the safety of our children by supporting these radical groups. They just won’t tie that support in with advertising their products anymore. So, their “solution” to the Mulvaney fiasco is to just hide their donations to radical left-wing groups behind silent donations, instead of celebrating it in advertising.

One has to ask, if they are so proud of these donations, why hide it under a bushel?

The Journal also pushed a misleading reason for why InBev’s donations to transgenderism only just now blew up in its face by alluding to the accusation that Republicans are just slobbering bigots.


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“Transgender issues have moved to the center of conservative social agendas in recent years. Legislators, mostly in or from Republican-majority states, have proposed laws aimed at curbing gender-related healthcare for youth and adults, restricting transgender athletes’ sports play, and banning books,” the Journal wrote.

That entire paragraph is a false characterization of what is actually going on. Republicans have not just miraculously lit on transgenderism as a wedge issue out of some sense of bigotry. The reason no one cared about transgenderism until recently is because transgenderism had not been forced into our schools and onto America’s children until the last few years.

When it was just the personal choice of adults, no one cared. But when the radical left turned to force all this on our kids, that is when Republicans began taking action.

Further, no state is “curbing gender-related healthcare for youth and adults,” because gender transitioning is not “healthcare.” It is elective and highly political, and it has been a mostly invisible medical field until left-wingers began a highly charged campaign to force these transitions on kids.

Similarly, there were not transgenders in schools until the bathroom issue took hold in 2016 with then-President Barack Obama and his liberal pals forcing schools everywhere to allow boys into the girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms.

And speaking of schools, no one anywhere is “banning books.” Removing from schools any inappropriate book that is published specifically to groom children for the radical gay agenda is not at all the same thing as “banning” anything. These books are still available for purchase privately by anyone — even kids — and no state is trying to stop that.

Meanwhile, Bud Light has continued to suffer an unusually strong boycott that just might have a cultural outcome by spawning an atmosphere that causes people to avoid even being seen holding a can of Bud Light for fear of being mocked by everyone around them.

Regardless, this is an example of what conservatives can do if they work in concert for a change. Bud Light may not learn its lesson from this one example, but if we replicate it with some other brand that has gone woke, we can begin to put fear into these corporations that are spending the billions we give them in our patronage and purchases and putting it toward radical, left-wing, political causes.

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