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Caroline Wren Explains How Nikki Haley Harnessed The Democratic Party For Herself

Republican strategist Caroline Wren joins Steve Bannon’s WarRoom to react to the New Hampshire primary results. This morning the Wall Street Journal put out an editorial writing, “Nikki Haley earns the change to fight on after New Hampshire.” Wren also points an opinion piece written by Karl Rove following Iowa where he writes Trump “eked out” his win. Wren responds calling the left-wing media delusional, “how do you eke out a commanding 30 point win?” Bannon addresses the media frenzy by attacking “state capitalists who have taken the CCP as their model” who are trying to find someone to defeat him. He identifies Nikki Haley as their vessel. Nikki Haley delivered a victory speech despite losing by 11 points. If you take out the Democrats and Independents who will vote for the Democrat in the general she loses by even more. Bannon and Wren breakdown her upcoming 15 donor meetings in liberal cities with globalists who are funding the attempted take down of President Trump.

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