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Chairman Makes Pastor Stop Reading Disgusting Library Book at School Board Meeting, He Responds with 5 Brutal Words

A North Carolina pastor gave the perfect response when members of an Asheville school board tried to stop him from reading the sexually explicit text in one of the LGBT books the board has refused to take off school shelves.

Rev. John Amanchukwu appeared before the Asheville City School Board of EducationFo on Monday to raise the alarm over a book that the board has approved for school libraries in the district. But when he tried to read aloud some of the book’s inappropriate content, the board quickly tried to shut him down.

During his time at the mic, the minister said he wanted to read out loud some of the text from the book entitled “It’s Perfectly Normal,” by Robie H. Harris and Michael Emberley, which can be found on school bookshelves. Some editions of the book, first published in 1994 and frequently updated as leftist culture has grown, have little banners on the cover that says the book is “For age 10 and up.”

Rev. Amanchukwu read some of the sexually explicit material in the book, but only got seconds into his reading before the members of the school board tried to stop him from voicing the explicit material.

“Was it something I said?” the pastor said, with a deadpan expression.


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“If you don’t want to hear it in a school board meeting, why should children be able to check it out of the school system?” he continued after being cut off by the board members. “We have perverts that are perverting our kids, and you all sit back, smug in your chairs … but you don’t want me to read it. Why, does it bother you?”

WARNING: The following video contains graphic language which some may find offensive.

Amanchukwu had the perfect reply when the board members told him, “your time is up” as they tried to shoo him from the mic.

Should this school board be ousted?

The pastor’s perfect five-word response was, “That makes two of us.”

Amanchukwu later appeared on “Fox & Friends First” to blast the school district for allowing these inappropriate books to sit on school bookshelves where grade-school-aged kids can get their hands on them.

“This book is used as a tool to create what I call mental rape in the hearts and the minds of children,” Amanchukwu said Thursday, according to Fox News.

“We are robbing kids of their innocence in America as we allow diversity, inclusion and equity to dominate our schools. And so many of our librarians are bringing this kind of material into the public school system because they believe that children need to see themselves on the shelf.”


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“I don’t believe that this is perfectly normal. I believe that this is perfectly perverted and it needs to stop,” he added.

Amanchukwu slammed leftist educrats for teaching kids that every sort of sexual activity is normal, and said that for young kids, those topics are best handled in the home, not the classroom.

“I’m against these things because parents should talk about these things at home,” Amanchukwu exclaimed. “If a parent wants to talk about masturbation and be explicit with their children and show them pornographic images, I don’t advise it. I don’t think it’s something that they should do, but that should be something that takes place at home. But when we rob our kids of their innocence, we’re leading in a sense… down a slippery slope.”

“We are in a bad place in America. America is spiraling downward; it’s time to storm the cockpit as we talk about gender theory and queer theory, and we turn the schools woke,” Amanchukwu told Fox. “Our children are underperforming. Our students aren’t reading on grade level. They’re not doing math on grade level. Our achievement rates are down.”

“It’s time to get back to education and not indoctrination,” he said, adding a warning to parent that “you can’t let your guard down for one second.”

“There are sexually evil and corrupt and deviant, perverted people who believe that this is OK, and so this is how it works. They bring the pornography into the school system. They bring in these gender theory and quit the books, and the parents don’t know it’s there,” he said, before slamming the school district for forcing parents to go through a “10-step process” to remove such books.

The pastor said what is going on in schools “is sinister. It’s criminal. It’s child abuse.”

This is not the first time the minister has torched a North Carolina school board. Back in 2022, he attended a meeting of the Wake County School Board, as well, and slammed the school for wasting education dollars on meaningless, woke, make-work departments.

Amanchukwu excoriated the school for wasting money on a diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) office, saying, “We’re wasting taxpayer dollars putting money toward this diversity office that’s not benefiting those who need it the most.”

He also paraphrased Luke 17:2 during his comments, and said, “It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were cast into the sea than that he should cause one of these little ones to sin.”

Asheville recently enlarged its school board from a five-member, unelected board to seven elected members, according to the Citizen Times.

It has taken way too long, of course, but fortunately, Americans are finally starting to pay more attention to what is going on in our schools. People like Amanchukwu are helping expose the woke, anti-child, left-wing agenda and its penchant for grooming our children for the radical LGBT agenda.

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