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Conservative Journalist SHREDS Democrat Rep. Dan Goldman Over Antifa/BLM Riots During Hearing (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Conservative journalist Julio Rosas absolutely burned Democrat Rep. Dan Goldman of New York during a hearing on Tuesday.

Rosas covered the BLM/Antifa riots of 2020 up close and personal for Townhall. He has witnessed the violence of Antifa at other events as well.

Dan Goldman mocked Rosas and scoffed at the idea of taking his testimony seriously. When Rosas responded, it was pure fire.

Rosas even pointed out Goldman’s questionable stock trades.

RedState reports:

Obnoxious Tool Daniel Goldman Attacks Julio Rosas, Gets Set on Fire in Response

While questioning Julio Rosas, a senior editor for Townhall and an on-the-ground reporter, Goldman decided to lecture Rosas on credibility. To do so, he denied the existence of Antifa as an organization and quoted the current FBI director as his authority…

In all his ranting and downplaying of Rosas’ background, Goldman forgot to mention that Rosas is also a U.S. Marine. That would seem sort of relevant to his work experience, especially when speaking to his credibility and ability to cover dangerous, left-wing riots (which he’s done admirably and fairly). That was the first clown move by Goldman.

The second clown move was using a quote from Christopher Wray to claim that Antifa only exists as an “ideology.” What Goldman didn’t mention is that his quote is nearly three years old. Wray did claim that Antifa is only an ideology in one of the dumbest pieces of testimony he’s offered before Congress.

What he also did, and what Goldman ignored, is that Wray corrected his error in 2021, admitting that Antifa exists as a series of regional organizations and nodes. In other words, the idea that Antifa only exists as a nebulous ideology is not only false, Goldman’s own source has said it’s false.

Watch the video below:

Rosas came out of this looking like the bigger man. Much bigger.

Goldman is a typical Democrat. Rich, elitist, and condescending.

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