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DeSantis Hammered at Iowa State Fair, Pro-Trump Hecklers Drown Him Out with 3-Word Chant

They say public opinion is a fickle beast, difficult to predict and even harder to control.

In 2022, Fox News commentator Joe Concha wrote an Op-Ed for The Hill, describing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as a “culture warrior.”

“His positions may be unpopular with Democrats and the press — but if Florida is an indication of sentiment in other swing states, such as Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio, this will serve him very well if he becomes 2024 GOP nominee,” Concha wrote.

Concha may have been right about DeSantis’ reception by Republican voters in the 2024 presidential race by the Republican Party, except he forgot to account for one pretty major detail — former President Donald Trump.

On Saturday at the Iowa State Fair, while DeSantis was flipping burgers during one of the baby-kissing appearances most politicians do to woo over voters, the former president’s private jet did a fly-by of the fairgrounds with a sign that read, “Be likeable Ron!” according to Mediaite.


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Many GOP supporters immediately erupted in chants of “We want Trump” and “We love Trump,” with little regard for the presence of one of Trump’s competitors doing his best within hearing distance of them.

Do you support Ron DeSantis for president?

When the chanting began to drown out DeSantis’ “fair-side chat,” Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds attempted to calm the crowd down, telling them, “We’re in Iowa, and in Iowa, we’re Iowa nice,” according to The Hill.

But the chanting continued.


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It’s not really DeSantis’ fault.

Very few people in American history have been able to win over such devoted support as Trump.

A simple Google search for the words “Trump Phenomenon” yields dozens, if not hundreds, of papers and studies into the remarkable effect this man has had on the majority of the nation.

The effect of this one man on our nation will be studied for generations to come.

Shermichael Singleton, a political commentator on CNN, described it this way: “Many Republicans see themselves as pawns in an overall political game,” Singleton said. “It’s not just Democrats, it’s the Republican establishment that they dislike and distrust.”

“And to that very salient point,” Singleton continued, “Donald Trump is the final arbiter against this entire political mechanism that is against them — these elites, these highly educated individuals telling them how they should live their lives, telling them what is best for them.”

Singleton summarized it well. No individual politician has made Americans feel “heard” as Trump did, and as long as he is in the race, it is unlikely that any other candidate stands a chance of getting through.

Is it possible? Sure, anything’s possible.

But as things stand right now, it’s a really high mountain to climb.

That said, we must remember that the Republican Party is not built on one man.

DeSantis has been and is a great governor. From COVID to education to immigration, he has worked for the good of his state with great results.

The Republican party needs as many strong, principled leaders as we can get, and DeSantis is definitely one of them.

He deserves our respect and the chance to speak.

Even if he’s just not Donald Trump.

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