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Embarrassing Brawl Breaks Out at Democratic Endorsing Event After Supporters Storm the Stage

What was scheduled as an endorsement event for the Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party in Minneapolis on Saturday turned into a brawl, resulting in no one getting endorsed.

Minneapolis police spokesman Brian Feintech said one person was hospitalized and another treated at the scene, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

Video from the Ward 10 event showed that booing began as supporters of Minneapolis Council Member Aisha Chughtai got on stage. Supporters of challenger Nasri Warsame shouted, disrupting the event.

The video showed chaos ensuing until efforts were made to clear the hall.


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Warsame posted about the fracas on Facebook.

“My campaign manager has been assaulted by one of the other campaign staff member, and he’s now being transported to hospital by an ambulance. The convention was shut down due to turmoil, and all the people were instructed to exit the building. No endorsement at this point, but more questions to ask regarding the process,” he wrote.

“Just visited one of my delegates in hospital, wish her quick recovery!! Violence & unfairness have no place in democracy!!” he added in a second post.

Chughtai fired off her version of events in a statement on her website

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“What happened at the Ward 10 DFL Convention today was horrifying, unacceptable, and indicative of the growing threat to progressive, pro-people candidates and movement leaders. Today, during the Ward 10 Convention, the Nasri Warsame campaign continually made people feel unsafe. They intimidated delegates and alternates, harassed and threatened DFL volunteers, and assaulted me and my supporters,” she wrote.

“Over a dozen of our supporters and DFL volunteers were physically assaulted that we know of right now; there are likely more who haven’t gotten in touch with us yet. The Warsame campaign punched multiple women of color on our campaign team and shoved and harassed LGBTQIA2S+ delegates and supporters.”

“We don’t know yet what is going to happen next with the DFL process, but it is clear that the Minnesota DFL’s unwillingness to hold those who perpetrate violence against Muslim women has, over time, led to multiple incidents of violence like what we saw today. And as what we saw today is a significant escalation of any previous incidents, continuing to let this go unchecked will lead to fewer Muslim women and women of color stepping up to lead in our communities because they have seen evidence the DFL won’t protect them,” she continued.


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Minneapolis DFL Chair Briana Rose Lee wrote on Twitter that “several DFL volunteers were assaulted” at the convention, including members of the state executive committee. “The behavior displayed today was despicable and unacceptable. I don’t know the next steps yet. But there will be repercussions.”

Minnesota DFL Chair Ken Martin apologized to the attendees.

“While we are still gathering all of the details of what transpired today, I am extremely disheartened by reports that a fight broke out,” Martin said, according to the Tribune.

“Violence has no place in our politics, and it goes against our party’s most cherished values of democracy, inclusivity, and empathy. I sincerely hope that the perpetrators will be held accountable by law enforcement, and I will work to ensure they are held accountable within our party as well.”

He said the state and local parties are meeting to “determine what the next steps in the endorsing process will be given today’s events.”

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