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EXC: Hunter Biden’s Chinese Firm Brokered Illicit Weapons Deals For Qatar And Libya, Which Fund & Arm Hamas.

Officials from a Chinese Communist Party conglomerate linked to President Joe Biden’s son and high-level foreign policy advisors to the White House conspired to illegally sell weapons to Qatar – a prominent financial backer of Hamas – and Libya, which has funneled arms to the Palestinian terrorist group.

The company, CEFC China Energy, counted President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, as its Managing Director and has hosted the current National Security Council Coordinator for the Indo-Pacific Kurt Campbell as a keynote speaker at its events. Campbell has been identified as Biden’s “Asia Czar.”

Revealed in the indictment of Gal Luft, a whistleblower against the Biden family, members of CEFC China Energy can be seen engaging in and serving as intermediaries for illicit arms trafficking to countries including Qatar and Libya.

Qatar is the key financial backer and ally of the Palestinian militant organization Hamas, funneling billions of dollars to support the Muslim Brotherhood group. Hamas has also frequently used weapons from Islamist groups in Libya.

As revealed in Luft’s indictment, CEFC China Energy members engaged illicit trafficking of arms to countries including Libya and Qatar. Luft often referenced the weapons as “toys” in correspondence evidenced in the indictment.

Patrick Ho, the Director of CEFC China Energy whom Hunter Biden has described as his personal business partner and also the “spy chief of China,” sent Luft an email in April 2015 with the subject line “Shopping lists,” writing about Qatar’s weaponry needs:

“It so turns out that Qatar also needs urgently a list of toys from us. But the same reason that we had for Libya, we cannot sell directly to them. Is there a way you could act as an intermediary in both cases? Could you ask your man to see if he is willing?”

“Qatar good chance be there is no embargo. Libya is another case be going against an embargo is tricky,” replied Luft. Ho followed up stressing Qatar’s “urgent” need for weapons, adding he’d be meeting with “their chief” to discuss the matter:

“Qatar needs toys quite urgently. Their chief is coming to China and we hope to give them a piece of good news. Please confirm soonest.”

Luft appeared to find a middleman for the deal, writing “Looks like we have a middleman for Q[atar]. African. I will get final approval tomorrow. Need the name of the supplier and the list so we can issue an end user agreement. The shipment can go direct from China to Q preferably via sea. Pls advise.”

Ho inquired about who the “middleman” was, prompting Luft to reply “Its going to be Romania. pls send me the 1 for the end user.”

Similar conversations transpired concerning the sale of arms to Libya, with Luft attempting to broker deals for weapons including anti-tank launchers, grenade launchers, and mortar rounds.

While the outcome of the deals remain unclear, the ties between CEFC China Energy, illicit arms trafficking, and the Biden family and personnel raise questions about whether or not these weapons ever ended up in the hands of Hamas.

The involvement of CEFC China Energy in illicit arms trafficking has been acknowledged by the mainstream media, though Hunter Biden’s ties to the company are routinely omitted. As USA Today writes:

“Luft also acted as a broker or middleman to find both buyers and sellers of certain weapons and other materials, without a license to do so as required under U.S. law, in violation of the Arms Export Control Act.  That included working to broker a deal for Chinese companies to sell certain weapons to Libya, including anti-tank launchers, grenade launchers, and mortar rounds, which Luft and his associates referred to in coded language as “toys,” according to the Justice Department.

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