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Fox News Gets Horrible News, CNN Takes Major Plunge After Post-Trump Town Hall Spike

Both Fox News and CNN are in for bad news when it comes to Monday’s cable television ratings.

Fox failed to outperform MSNBC in prime-time ratings, according to AdWeek.

Such a prime-time performance is all but unprecedented for the conservative-leaning network.

Until recently, Fox has dominated cable news ratings in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s presidency.

But the firing of former prime-time host Tucker Carlson appears to have reversed the network’s fortunes.


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The ratings of Fox broadcasts were double the audience of MSNBC just three months ago.

On Monday, MSNBC had an average of 1.856 million viewers for its prime-time lineup.

Fox netted 1.719 million, according to AdWeek.

Have you stopped watching Fox News over the Tucker Carlson firing?

MSNBC host Rachael Maddow secured the highest-rated broadcast for Monday on cable — a development that would’ve been all but unheard of before Carlson’s firing.

Fox’s ratings problems appear only to have escalated in the weeks following Carlson’s firing.

Fox management has considered a dramatic shakeup of its own prime-time lineup in the aftermath of Carlson’s firing, according to one report.

CNN hasn’t proved as capable of capitalizing on discontent with Fox.


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The liberal network’s prime-time audience clocked in at a pitiful 485,000 on Monday — well less than half of either MSNBC or Fox’s audience.

CNN’s Friday showing wasn’t even enough to beat out Newsmax — an upstart conservative cable news channel that is broadcast in fewer homes, according to Forbes.

CNN’s woeful audience of 335,000 was less than Newsmax’s 357,000.

CNN momentarily reversed its ratings plight with a town hall event featuring former President Donald Trump last week — a boost that doesn’t seem to have lasted.

The liberal network has arranged changes to its own broadcast roster, terminating Don Lemon after a series of personality disputes with other hosts.

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