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Full Spectrum Dominance | The Working Class Party Built Around President Trump Showed Up In Iowa

Steve Bannon host of WarRoom reacts to President Trump’s Iowa caucus victory. President Trump delivered remarks last night following the race being called. During his speech the President foreshadowed November victory and doubled down to his commitment to Iowa’s farmers. CNN commentators Anderson Cooper and Audie Cornish discussed their disbelief that Americans believe President Trump is fighting for them and question how Americans could identify with the lawfare attacks on President Trump and fuel lack of trust in government institutions. MSNBC baffles over poll numbers showing Americans frustration with the illegal immigration crisis and Republicans dislike of non-Trump candidates. The panel goes into full meltdown over President Trump’s providential likeness while continuing the MAGA cult insults aimed at his supporters.

Bannon calls it, “this thing is over, the donor class has to understand it’s over,” explaining that Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis failed to deter the MAGA movement. He advises DeSantis to drop out endorse President Trump and go back to Florida. As for Haley he rips apart her condescending remarks made last night following her weak third place finish.




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