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GOP Leader Ready to Start Impeachment for Top Biden Official: ‘People Are Getting Killed’

America’s southern border is currently an absolute catastrophe, and one GOP leader is calling for the Biden administration to face the consequences.

At 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, Biden allowed the Trump-era Title 42 immigration restrictions to expire, opening the floodgates for a surge of illegal immigrants who no longer face the risk of being summarily deported.

Now, chaos reigns in communities across the country as state, local and federal authorities struggle to deal with the historic influx of migrants. Meanwhile, many are starting to ask who should be held responsible for the fiasco.

One high-ranking GOP congressman has the answer.

On Friday, Breitbart reported that House Majority Whip Tom Emmer of Minnesota is calling for Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to be impeached.


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Emmer said the chaos at the border is the “greatest malfeasance” and that it necessitates Mayorkas’ removal from office.

“It’s not a failure to act — it’s an intentional failure to act. Mayorkas should be impeached,” Emmer said in an interview.

The Republican pointed out that the open-door policies of Mayorkas and Biden are putting both Americans and migrants in serious danger.

“They talk about being humane. Children are disappearing. People are getting killed,” he said. “You’ve got 80 people that have come across the southern border that are on the terrorist watch list.”

Should Mayorkas be impeached?

“If you look at the actual law and the precedent that’s been set — and forget about the phony impeachment stuff that the Democrats have been doing for political stunts — this one’s a real, real issue,” Emmer added.

Meanwhile, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said he would seriously look into impeachment.

“The one thing I’ve always said is we’re not like Democrats; we don’t do impeachment just for political purposes,” McCarthy told Breitbart.

“But if something rises to that occasion — that’s why we will do all the homework on what has transpired down here and if that reaches to an impeachment inquiry, we’ll follow through with that.”

Emmer and McCarthy are spot-on. Mayorkas has neglected his duty to secure the border and protect Americans from harm. He should be immediately removed from office.


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It is unclear how much of the blame should fall on Mayorkas and how much should fall on Biden, as both have a hand in this. One thing is clear, however: Someone needs to face consequences.

The Biden administration has abdicated its responsibility to keep Americans safe, instead choosing to fling the border wide open on woke ideological grounds, regardless of the effect it has on the country.

The Republicans should impeach Mayorkas quickly because it will signal to the rest of the administration that enough is enough.

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