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GOP Will ‘Suffer in 2024’ Because of Abortion Laws

Representative Nancy Mace (R-SC) said Wednesday on CNN’s “The Lead” that the Republican Party will “suffer” in the 2024 election because of several red state legislatures’ abortion bans.

Anchor Jake Tapper said, “Do you think your party will face any sort of electoral blowback for these bans, many of which do not align with polling in terms of what people want, even in conservative states people want in many polls some sort of middle ground, maybe a 12-week ban, a 15-week ban, no ban for victims of rape and incest. Do you think your party will suffer at the polls?

Mace said, “We suffered in 2022, and I believe we’ll suffer in 2024 if we don’t have a message that shows compassion for women. You can balance the two. I would garner if you were to do a ballot referendum on abortion in a conservative state like South Carolina, the majority of voters would not be in support of a six-week ban that allowed very few exceptions for a short period of time and required women to have their rapes reported to the police. That’s not going to fly with most people, whether they’re men or women.

She added, “I saw this in my own district in a very purple district last year. I saw how the issue swayed voters. It was the number two issue in our race. I even ran TV ads talking about rape. I was probably the only Republican in the country who was willing to have that very uncomfortable conversation. I was willing to fight for women regardless of their circumstances, especially to the women who went through the worst.”

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