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Green Bay Packers Player Calls Out Biden for What He’s Been Pictured With in Hand: ‘Bit Too Far’

Green Bay Packers offensive tackle David Bakhtiari might earn his paychecks on the gridiron, but the 31-year-old spends some of his time on Twitter calling balls and strikes.

To begin the week, the Pro Bowler called out President Joe Biden for using cheat cards to assist him in dealing with reporters.

Anyone who has been paying attention knows full well the White House often screens the reporters who speak to Biden in any formal capacity.

The practice took a stunning turn last month when Biden was photographed holding a card that had not only a reporter’s name but also how it was pronounced and apparently what she intended to ask him.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told Americans who saw Los Angeles Times reporter Courtney Subramanian’s name on a card during an April 27 news conference that Biden’s use of such a card was “totally normal.”


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Several weeks have passed, but Bakhtiari made it clear on Mother’s Day that he didn’t consider it to be standard practice.

The veteran NFL player appeared legitimately dumbfounded when he came across a post that showed two separate Biden cheat cards.

The Twitter account End Wokeness shared them Sunday and commented, “We don’t have a president.”

Bakhtiari shared the post with his own comment, which was a call for transparency as much as it was a swipe at the government and the corporate media.

“Can we have authentic and real NON-SCRIPTED interviews??” he asked.

The Packers tackle concluded, “I understand and agree with prepping someone (like studying for a test) but this is a bit too far. It’s just one big play.”


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After Bakhtiari was challenged by someone in the pro-presidential cheat sheet camp, he responded by asking the person to be honest with himself and everybody else.

Bakhtiari has been very vocal in recent months regarding his skepticism of the politico-media complex:

The NFL veteran has not declared himself an ironclad conservative, but the writing is on the wall.

He possesses critical thinking skills and a willingness to share them with the world.

Many sports fans would prefer to see professional athletes keep their mouths shut. But in an era when the left controls the country’s institutions with its insanity, Bakhtiari’s takes are incredibly refreshing.

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