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“Henry Ford is Turning Over in His Grave”- Ford’s LGBTQ-Themed Truck Ad Featuring “Very Gay” Raptor Resurfaces Online Amid Dylan Mulvaney Debacle (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Credit: Ford News Europe

One of America’s most famous auto companies has found itself in hot water after previously pandering to the woke LGBTQ mob.

Ford executives are getting roasted on social media and the company is getting compared to Bud Light after running the “Very Gay Raptor” at a major motorsports event in Goodwood, England back in June 2022.

“Ford will continue demonstrating its allyship with the LGBTQ+ community at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this week, bringing ‘Very Gay Raptor’ and the Next-Gen Ranger Raptor along for the ride,” Ford said in a news release last June.

Here is the video that leaked online. The ad features Rob Kearney, the first openly gay competitor in the World’s Strongest Man competition.

Here he talks about the “allyship” he discovered at the England event.


The “Very Gay Raptor” truck is a rainbow-flagged twin-turbo performance truck which cost over $56,000. This is not exactly a truck people can easily afford.

Other conservatives posted recent promotional videos and photos of the “Very Gay Raptor.”

The “Very Gay Raptor” was created by Ford back in 2021. The company says they did so in response to a negative comment on social media.

Time will tell whether Ford doubles down and ignores the bubbling controversy in hopes conservatives will forget and move on. This is the approach Miller Lite took after their own woke ad resurfaced on the internet.

Should Ford embark on this approach, they risk receiving the full Bud Light treatment and seeing their sales plummet. Pandering to the woke mob is certainly not proving profitable these days.

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