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Here’s How to Track the Attacks on Trump and the Growing Threats to Our Republic

With the 2024 presidential campaign heating up, it’s not surprising that the booming of anti-Trump lawfare can be heard rising over the hills. In fact, there’s so much coming at Donald Trump these days, it’s hard to keep track of it all.

I’ve found one place that’s performing this service well: Resurgence, a Substack published by Andrew Thomas.

Thomas is a Harvard Law graduate who was twice elected Maricopa County attorney, or district attorney for the Phoenix metro area. He and I were early targets of leftist lawfare (I was a deputy prosecutor — you can read all about it here and also on Thomas’ Substack). Thomas draws from those experiences to write about Trump’s ordeal.

He has a podcast with a dedicated series, “Trump Under Siege,” that tracks the many attacks on Trump. Thomas’ articles on anti-Trump lawfare have been recommended by people as varied as Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, popular patriot attorney Robert Barnes, and Trump campaign attorneys Sidney Powell and John Eastman.

Thomas was the lone observer who blew the whistle on the “craven surrender” of Trump campaign attorney Jenna Ellis.


IRS Makes Stunning New Move in Hunter Biden Probe: ‘Clearly Retaliatory’

In order to stop leftist “ethics” complaints and attacks on her law license, Ellis recently caved and repudiated in writing key contentions about 2020 election fraud made by Trump’s campaign. I did a follow-up article in Townhall noting the reaction from other Trump campaign attorneys who are still fighting the ethics smears and were not pleased. But for Thomas’ article, Ellis’ perfidy probably would have gone unnoticed.

“Something Very Wicked Is Coming for Trump” is a recent Substack article by Thomas summing up all the lawfare targeting our 45th president. The article blew up when I posted it on my website,

Thomas identifies five main lines of lawfare attack on Trump: the Stormy Daniels payment, already resulting in an indictment; the Georgia investigation of Trump’s alleged election interference, discussed in depth on one of his podcasts; and the three investigations controlled by special counsel Jack Smith into Trump’s conduct on J6, classified documents at Mar-a-Lago and Trump campaign solicitations after the 2020 elections. Thomas’ recent profile of Jack Smith, “Headhunter,” is one of the very few examinations of Smith written from a conservative perspective.

Pulling no punches, Thomas writes, “The pending pile of Trump indictments will signify as great a transformation of the American Republic as Caesar’s crossing the Rubicon meant for the Roman Republic. Once fully unleashed, the leftist lawfare targeting the preeminent critic of the ruling class will mean our republic, as bequeathed to us by the founders of this nation, will cease to exist.”

Why aren’t these threats being tracked and analyzed more systematically? Obviously, this work takes a fair amount of time and analysis. But I agree with Thomas that conservatives just haven’t steeled themselves for the horror show that is coming.

Our republic is being destroyed by these attacks, and many a good patriot flinches from admitting just how awful the situation is for Trump and the rest of us.

Besides being the “man who stopped illegal immigration,” as I called him in a Townhall article (his prosecutorial policies sent illegals scampering out of Arizona), Thomas is also an accomplished writer of books and articles in The Wall Street Journal and elsewhere. Despite retiring from public life for a number of years, Thomas has managed in just two and a half months to gain over 1,000 subscribers on Substack.

To have the best, most comprehensive discussions of the existential threats coming at Trump, you can and should subscribe for free here. There are many more attacks coming, and we should be getting ready for them.

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