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High School Boys Revolt After Trans Addition to Bathroom, Put Device Exactly Where It Belongs: Report

As transgender insanity continues its march across the country, a group of high school students is making their feelings on the issue known.

We have already seen time and again how high school and college girls have stood up and protested against biological males being allowed into women-only spaces, possibly putting them in danger; now it’s the high school boys’ turn.

Earlier this week, photos emerged of a protest that male students at Lakeridge High School in Oregon made against the state’s “Menstrual Dignity Act” or 2021’s HB 3294, which required public schools to put female hygiene dispensers in all bathrooms, including the boy’s bathrooms.

This, naturally, did not sit well with the boys, who, much like their female counterparts, felt that their spaces were being violated by people pretending to be the opposite gender.

Their protest was rather simple: They just put the feminine products dispenser right where it belongs — in the toilet.


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Many on Twitter responded to the photo by asking what the left expected to happen as a result of this bill.

Should dispensers for feminine products be required in male bathrooms?

The people who are affected by these laws the most are also the ones who are against them.

It should not surprise anyone when they engage in protests like this against this insanity.


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The thing that the left fails to grasp is that almost no one is on board with these insane laws. Students do not want to be forced to share bathrooms with someone of the opposite sex, and parents do not want their children being put in danger by these laws.

This is why so many people are speaking out against these laws. The left is clearly going way too far with these laws legislating transgenderism, and now conservatives are gaining traction on the issue.

This gets into the wider fact that the American people do not accept the left’s woke agenda.

The left can legislate its woke agenda all it wants, but it is up to the people to decide whether they want to accept wokeness. It is becoming increasingly clear that people are rejecting it.

Instead of dealing with the actual issues facing ordinary Americans today, such as crime and inflation, the left is focused on absolute non-issues such as transgender bathrooms.

People do not want woke insanity shoved down their throats. They want their state governments and the federal government to actually address the issues that matter to them.

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