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House’s Hunter Findings Are Just the Beginning

The House panel investigating the Biden family’s business deals recently announced that it has already found over $10 million in payments from foreign sources going to more than 20 LLCs set up while Joe Biden was vice president. And the committee’s work is just beginning.

Of course, none of this is news to Peter Schweizer, who first reported this story in 2018. Schweizer and co-host Eric Eggers discuss the new findings on the newest episode of The Drill Down. What more will the committee likely confirm with witness testimony and more financial records?

The House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, chaired by Rep. James Comer (R-TN),  has yet to get access to records for Joe Biden’s private phone or bank accounts linked to the biggest Biden deal of them all — the $1.5 billion dollar investment deal between Hunter Biden’s business and an arm of the Chinese government, which he secured after traveling aboard Air Force Two with his father, then vice president, to China in December 2012.

The House Committee has not yet received documentation related to that business, Peter tells Eric. “They are not yet including the money from Rosemont Realty or from Bohai Harvest Rosemont (BHR), which included that $1.5 billion dollar investment deal,” Peter says. He expects that $10 million dollar figure to rise when they do.

The House Oversight Committee said its investigation so far shows activities of the Biden family and its associates “bear clear indicia of a scheme to peddle influence,” and that, “activities in coordination with Chinese nationals and their corporate entities appear to be an attempt to engage in financial deception.”

Even at this early stage of the committee’s investigation, Schweizer said that the payments from foreign sources to the family of the current President of the United States are unacceptable.

“Even if we haven’t seen a direct link to Joe yet, is this acceptable behavior?” Schweizer asked. “Do we really think it’s okay for our political families – family members of the Treasury Secretary, the President, the Vice President, or the Senate Majority Leader – to start taking in millions of dollars of cash from China?”

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