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Hunter Biden Cries Poverty, But Then It’s Revealed How He Traveled to Child-Support Hearing: Report

Even as he cries about being too poor to afford child support for his daughter, Joe Biden’s son Hunter flew to his Arkansas court appointment in a roughly $55,000-per-flight private jet.

Hunter has been embroiled in a court fight against the woman with whom he fathered a child and who has been desperately trying to wring Hunter of some child support payments. But he has claimed he has no money and therefore should not have to pay anything.

Despite his proclamation of living in the poor house, Hunter was seen flying in a 2001 Dassault Falcon 50 to Arkansas for his court appointment. The private jet is registered to Plato LLC, which is owned by Hollywood billionaire Kevin Morris, according to the New York Post.

The Post tracked the $6 million jet from Los Angeles, to Washington, D.C. where it picked up Hunter, thence to Arkansas starting on April 30.

The flight continued from Arkansas back to D.C. and then home to L.A. after Hunter’s court date.


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“The 7,326-mile round trip likely cost between $55,000 to $117,000 all in — or the value of up to six months in child-support payments to Hunter Biden’s baby mama,” an aviation expert told the paper.

Hunter was in Arkansas for a court appearance as he tries to fight making child support payments to Lunden Roberts, 32, with whom he fathered now 4-year-old daughter, Navy Joan.

Biden was assessed child support of $20,000 a month, according to court papers, and his legal team says he has already paid $750,000, the Post said in a separate report.

This is the same Hunter Biden who sold multiple paintings for up to $500,000 apiece and is also reported as having sold $375,00 just in prints of the same paintings.

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The prices brought Richard Painter, the 2005 to 2007 chief ethics lawyer to former President George W. Bush, to marvel at the audacity of it all.

“The whole thing is a really bad idea,” Painter said. “The initial reaction a lot of people are going to have is that he’s capitalizing on being the son of a president and wants people to give him a lot of money. I mean, those are awfully high prices.”

Little Navy Joan has been repeatedly snubbed by Joe Biden in his family events and social media posts, both in private and in official White House events and messages.

Hunter suffered a tidal wave of criticism for taking the private jet to a court date to cry poor.

Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas blasted the president’s son, saying, “Why doesn’t Hunter just ask his dad’s donors and patrons to pay his child support instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on his private jets and expensive lawyers?”


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The U.S. Secret Service refused to answer questions from reporters about the flight. Hunter has been assigned Secret Service protection, so it seems likely at least one agent was also on the flights to and from Arkansas.

The jet’s owner, Hollywood mogul Morris, has been a frequent piggy bank for Hunter. In 2022, Morris paid off Hunter’s $2 million delinquent tax debt and has loaned Hunter and his associates that private jet time and again.

Indeed, public flight records showed the jet landing in Fayetteville, Arkansas — where Hunter’s financial advisor Edward Prewitt lives –at least nine times from February 2022 to April 2023.

Despite all these questionable actions, President Biden continues to gush about how “proud” he is of Hunter, as Yahoo News reported back in October. This despite Hunter’s drug-addict past, reported tax crimes, and the time he allegedly made a false statement while purchasing a gun.

It is a complete mystery when Morris continues to come to Hunter’s aid with millions in payoffs. But it is an even bigger mystery why the mainstream media doesn’t much care to look into it.

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