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“I’m Not Done Fighting This”: Caroline Wren Refuses To Back Down Against Ronna McDaniel

Caroline Wren who serves as senior advisor to Kari Lake and played a key role in the January RNC leadership battle back in January joins Steve Bannon’s WarRoom to reflect on Ronna McDaniel’s leadership following major losses in 2022 and 2023 races. Wren calls out McDaniel for making excuses and pointing fingers at the abortion issue for the Kentucky governor’s race and the Wisconsin supreme court election. Wren says it is up to the RNC to overcome the messaging hurdles McDaniel is hiding behind. “We don’t have bad candidates we have bad leadership,” Wren demands as she points to a continued pattern of failures on McDaniels part. Over the weekend McDaniel claimed on television that the RNC could not get involved in state legislative races yet as Wren points out in Virginia the DNC bragged about spending $1.2 million.

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