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Is It Time To Fact-Check Corporate Media’s ‘Climate Hysteria’ Over “Hottest Day Ever”?

Corporate media unleashed a barrage of headlines of climate doom, including “Era of global boiling has arrived” and “hottest month in the history of civilization” and “hottest day ever recorded.” These headlines were published in July, the typical peak of the Northern Hemisphere summer. Some of these wild claims were based on records from four decades ago, even though Earth has been around for billions of years.

CBS News wrote, “Earth sees third straight hottest day on record, though it’s unofficial: ‘Brutally hot.'” It’s crucial to note that CBS hedged itself with “unofficial,” meaning the data hasn’t been verified. 

Records grab attention, and clearly, the climate alarmists in corporate media were pushing a ‘climate change’ agenda in a month with the warmest temperatures of the year: geniuses. As for the warmest ever, well, even the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration had questions about the climate math (ReadEven NOAA “Runs Away” From ‘Hottest Day Ever’ Claim After Media Hysteria). 

July was hot, but it’s because of the peak Northern Hemisphere summer. The El Nino weather phenomenon may have contributed to some extra warmth. In terms of temperatures deviating excessively from a 30-year average, well, there’s not much of that, according to Bloomberg data. 

If you weren’t able to visualize temperature data, the corporate media had people believing the world was on fire:

So how do climate alarmists know what the precise temperatures were hundreds of thousands of years ago? Well, it might be one giant guess, as environmental attorney Steve Milloy recently explained in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece titled “Hottest Days Ever? Don’t Believe It“: 

“One obvious problem with the updated narrative is that there are no satellite data from 125,000 years ago. Calculated estimates of current temperatures can’t be fairly compared with guesses of global temperature from thousands of years ago.” 

Remember when climate child warrior Greta spewed this junk science in 2018? Where were the fact-checkers??

But don’t worry. The billionaires funding the climate change movement are still flying in private jets and sailing around the world in mega-yachts while they rid the world of cow farts and force insects into the diets of the masses. 

Al Gore

Michael Bloomberg

Climate fear has been a multi-decade scheme… 

Here’s Milloy’s report tilted “Media Climate Fact Check.” 


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