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Major Conservative Outlet Following Tucker’s Lead, Streaming All Shows to Twitter

The Daily Wire, a leading source of conservative content, announced Tuesday that it will stream its premium shows on Twitter.

The move came just weeks after former Fox News host Tucker Carlson said he would relaunch some version of his show on the social media platform after he was axed by the network last month.

Citing positive feedback from advertisers and viewers for a decision to stream Matt Walsh’s show on Twitter, Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boreing said other hosts’ shows also will be streamed on the platform free of charge starting May 30.

“At this moment, Twitter is the largest free speech platform in the world,” Boreing said in a statement.

“The overwhelming amount of positive feedback from our advertisers and audience after putting ‘The Matt Walsh Show’ on Twitter signals to us there is tremendous opportunity, which is why we’ve decided to distribute the rest of our shows on Twitter,” he said.


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While YouTube and Meta’s Facebook and Instagram each demonetize and/or limit the reach of content its censors do not like, Boreing said Elon Musk’s social media platform values free expression and the flow of ideas.

“If Elon Musk stands by his commitment to make Twitter a home for free speech and delivers on monetization opportunities and more sophisticated analytics for content creators, I imagine we will invest even more into the platform,” he said.

Daily Wire+ subscribers have access to nine shows that will now be available for all via streams on Twitter.

Hosts of those shows include Ben Shapiro, Candace Owens and Jordan Peterson.

Should other conservative outlets bring their shows to Twitter?

The Daily Wire reported Walsh’s show had more than 7 million views in less than a month on the platform.

Carlson praised Twitter’s commitment to free speech when he announced his next career move this month.

“Speech is the fundamental prerequisite for democracy,” he said in a short video. “That’s why it was enshrined in the first of our constitutional amendments.”

“Amazingly, as of tonight, there are not that many platforms left that allow free speech. The last big one remaining is Twitter,” Carlson said.


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The popular host racked up 132.5 million views on the Twitter clip in only two weeks.

Musk said he was motivated to purchase the platform for $44 billion in order to restore the free expression of ideas online following years of Big Tech censorship.

In the months after his purchase of the company, he gave independent journalists access to internal data that showed Twitter had worked with third parties — including governments — to silence conservatives.


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