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Man Allegedly Tries to Rob Local Business, But Customers Instantly Make Him Regret It

A Wyoming man who allegedly tried to rob a gym in Cheyenne was tackled by a group of customers and held down until police could arrest him, according to a report.

Cowboy State Daily reported 37-year-old Brand Creel walked into the parking lot of a Gold’s Gym location in Cheyenne at about 6 p.m. on Friday.

Once there, the man allegedly tried to carjack an unsuspecting customer. Police said Creel approached a person who was seated in the car and forced that person out.

Once he was able to get inside the vehicle, he discovered the keys were not in the ignition, according to the report.

Creel then allegedly made the decision to rob the gym of its cash.


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He allegedly approached the front desk, said he had a bomb, and demanded access to the cash drawer.

After an employee told the alleged would-be robber no, the man allegedly attacked a nearby customer who was working out.

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That man responded by tackling Creel and then putting him in a neck restraint.

According to the report, other gym patrons joined the man and pounced on Creel.

Creel was held down while the police were called. Once officers arrived, they cuffed the suspect before he was eventually taken to jail.

One person who came across the Cowboy State Daily report on Twitter pointed out a gym might be a less-than-ideal business to try to rob.

“A gym probably has no cash and a bunch of big guys lifting weights. Hmmm,” the person said.


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Another person joked, “A gun store would have been dumber but this is up there on the Bad Idea Scale.”

One of Creel’s arresting officers, an officer named Reece Federer, said the suspect was not making any sense when he encountered him.

“Creel was nonsensical(ly) rambling and breathing very heavy,” Federer wrote in his report.

Creel faces felony robbery charges as well as charges for two unspecified misdemeanors.

Police did not say if any explosives were found on the suspect.

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