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Matt Gaetz Absolutely Triggers Panel Members After Mocking Miller Lite

Republican congressman Matt Gaetz is taking Miller Lite to task after they became the latest beer brand to go woke.

In March, Miller Lite released an ad that featured actress Ilana Glazer saying that the company was sorry for objectifying women in ads during the 1980s and 1990s and said that the company was trying to find the old ads and destroy them.

This ad was ignored at the time but was recently brought to the surface following the controversy surrounding competitor Bud Light’s leftist advertising campaign that featured transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, leading to a massive backlash against the brand.

Now, Miller Lite is taking heat for this woke advertisement, and one of the people piling on the embattled company is Gaetz.

In a recent episode of Newsmax’s “The Right Squad,” Gaetz sat down with the host Chris Plante and a panel in order to discuss the Miller Lite ad, and Gaetz made his feelings on the issue very clear.


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Gaetz stated, “We watched Anheuser-Busch like torch their valuation, and now Miller Lite is saying quite literally — hold my beer.”

“I don’t think it’s crazy to say that good-looking women in bikinis sell beer,” Gaetz said. “No one wants to buy beer from Lizzo.”

This triggered one of the other members of the panel who responded by saying that he found Lizzo attractive and that he never bought a beer based on how attractive the woman in the bikini holding it was.

Do you agree with Matt Gaetz?

Many people responded to the video by aligning with Gaetz, wondering how anyone could find Lizzo attractive, as well as saying that there is no way that this would make people buy beer.


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Obviously, it is wrong to see women as mere objects whose value lies solely in their sex appeal, but at the same time, Gaetz is right to say that good-looking women in bikinis sell beer.

Men, who are the target audience of Miller Lite, are going to want to buy the beer because they associate it with pretty women.

Just like Anheuser-Busch, instead of keeping its consumers happy, Miller Lite has chosen to alienate its customer base by saying that everything that drew them to the beer in the first place is evil and wrong.

People are now only going to think of Miller Lite as the company that sold out in order to appeal to the left.

You would think that they would have learned from the disaster that was Bud Light, but apparently, that is not the case.

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