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MORE FOOTAGE Shows Maricopa County’s Fraudulent Signature Verification – Worker “Verifies” THOUSANDS of Signatures in LESS THAN 3 Seconds Per Signature (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Another video shows a Maricopa County employee failing to verify signatures and likely approving over 5,600 signatures in about two hours.

The new video shows the same employee who, as The Gateway Pundit reported, on the same day, approved close to 100 mail-in ballot signatures in less than two seconds each.

According to trial testimony by Jacqueline Onigkeit, signature reviewers “were told to scroll down and make sure that we verify the present green affidavit with the past history affidavits.”

It would be impossible to truly compare two signatures in this short amount of time. Clearly, this guy is not following procedure or law.

On Tuesday, The Gateway Pundit shared damning evidence of at least one Maricopa County signature verifier simply clicking through signature checks significantly faster than their colleague seated next to them. In the video, you can see the ‘cyclic clicker’ blasting through images on their screen without even scrolling down, as the computer next to them can be seen doing.

The person in the video from that article — and the video below — “verified” almost 27,000 signatures alone, which is 10,000 more than the margin of victory. As Brian Lupo of The Gateway Pundit reported, the defense claimed the individual was fired or removed from his level-one role.

Over 274k ballot signatures were approved in less than 3 seconds each. At least one individual had a 100% acceptance rate.

The Gateway Pundit reported on the testimony of Jacqueline Onigkeit, who said that she was seeing signatures on ballot affidavits that were different names and that many other level-one signature reviewers “didn’t feel comfortable with what they were seeing.” 

UPDATE: “This Was COMPLETELY DIFFERENT Names” – Maricopa County Signature Reviewer Testifies in Kari Lake Trial Trial She Felt “Pressured” by Supervisors Sending Already Rejected Signatures Back to Them for Approval

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Maricopa County attorney Joe La Rue admitted last Friday that signature verification is “subjective” and “something of an art” that is open to the interpretation of whatever activist reviews the signature. “It’s not really an exact science,” stated La Rue.

See examples of the fraudulent signatures previously accepted by Maricopa County here.

“Two people might look at a signature, and one might say, ‘I think that’s consistent,’ and another might say, ‘no, that’s inconsistent,’” stated La Rue. However, only one person is seen looking at each signature. Additionally, according to Okigkeit’s testimony yesterday, “ballots were sent back to level one reviewers by direct supervisors and full-time County employees” because they were too overwhelmed by the number of rejections. 

The caption in the video below asks, “artistically inadequate?”

This is the art of science fiction.

Via The America Project on Twitter:

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