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MSNBC Host Raked Over the Coals After Belittling NYC Subway Marine’s Service

Far-left MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan was raked over the coals on Twitter over the weekend after he belittled the service of a Marine veteran who will be tried for the death of Jordan Neely in New York City.

Daniel Penny, 24, was among three subway passengers who jumped to subdue the 30-year-old two weeks ago after the man expressed violent threats to passengers — including women.

Penny ultimately put Neely in a chokehold that a coroner ruled killed him.

The Marine will now be tried by left-wing Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg on a count of second-degree manslaughter.

The same district attorney’s office that refuses to combat violent crime will work to put Penny away for as long as 15 years, and that is presumably because the military veteran is white while Neely was black.


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Had both men been the same race, it could be presumed their story would have never become national news and that Penny would have never been charged with anything.

Hasan, a man who has previously suggested that there is only one side to every issue — his — became triggered on Saturday after he came across reporting about the upcoming manslaughter trial on Twitter.

Should marines keep their title after serving honorably?

Reuters reported Friday that Penny had surrendered to police, and the wire service accurately referred the young man as a “former US Marine.”

Hasan shared the tweet and called Penny’s service to his country “irrelevant” in a comment with heavy but predictable racial undertones.

“This is what white privilege looks like – the irrelevant former job title, the passive voice,” the MSNBC host wrote. “Black and brown alleged killers don’t get media coverage like this.”


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The country’s corrupt media of course routinely martyrs black and brown people who have been accused of heinous crimes, which Reuters did not do here with Penny.

The young man’s service to the American people is absolutely relevant. In fact, to even designate him as a “former” Marine is inaccurate.

The sacrifice is so great that the Marines summarize service within the ranks as such:

“There truly is no such thing as a former Marine, as after service our Marine Veterans are just as dedicated to advancing our Nation and defending its ideals. If you become one of us, the fight in you will always be a part of our Nation’s moral cause.”

The defendant in the upcoming trial was honorably discharged after years of selfless sacrifice someone such as Hasan could never fathom.

In any event, the MSNBC host was savaged over the comment:

Hasan is the worst kind of media shill — one who is so blinded by hatred for conservatives and presumably for most white Americans that he has lost touch with reality.

In February, Hasan described the demagogue that is President Joe Biden as “the most impressive president of my lifetime.”

Most of Biden’s own voters don’t even feel that way. A majority of them have had enough of the president and want someone else to lead the country.

That in and of itself says everything about Hasan’s credibility as not only a reporter but also as a person.

There is no evidence Penny got onto a dangerous New York City subway on May 1 with the intention to kill a black person. Still, Hasan wants his military service stricken from the public record.

In the minds of people such as Hasan, the circumstances of Neely’s death are irrelevant because the country’s far-left abandoned ideas such as intent and nuance years ago.

In their eyes, the case is simple: Penny is a white man who suffocated a black man.

Those are the only facts about the interaction between Neely and Penny the most extreme elements in left-wing media want to be recognized.

In a rational world, Hasan would be the one considered irrelevant. Instead, he joins the long list of disgraceful people who have been platformed by NBC.

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