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O’Keefe Media Group: Special Assistant to John Fetterman Says the Democrat Senator is ‘Okay with Overturning the Second Amendment’ (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

O’Keefe Media Group on Tuesday released undercover video of Democrat Senator John Fetterman’s special assistant saying his boss is okay with ‘overturning the Second Amendment.’

“Like, he’d [Fetterman] probably, he’d be okay with like, overturning the Second Amendment. Probably. I think he [Fetterman] would much rather prefer, like nobody has guns at all,” Fetterman’s Special Assistant Luke Borwegan said to an undercover journalist with OMG.

Luke Borwegan also claimed he only picks reporters who are puppets and “will say exactly what you f*cking want them to.”

Borwegan said Fetterman’s camp only gives stories about brain damaged Senator John Fetterman to certain reporters who will paint him in a good light.


O’Keefe Media Group reached out to John Fetterman’s office for comment on the latest video.

Fetterman’s spox Joe Calvello responded: “Thanks. F*ck off and get a life.”

Of course Fetterman only wants others to be unarmed.

In 2013 Fetterman chased a black man down the street who he thought was involved in shootings (turns out it was likely bottle rockets) in his neighborhood.

The black jogger told a local news outlet that Fetterman pointed the shotgun at his chest.

Here’s Fetterman in 2013 saying he “did the right thing” when he pulled a shotgun on an unarmed, innocent black jogger:

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