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Robert Kennedy, Jr: “Trump Has Shown Himself to Be the Most Devastating Debater Probably Since Abraham Lincoln” (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Democratic candidate for president, Robert Kennedy, Jr. joined Megyn Kelly earlier this week.

Robert Kennedy, Jr. continues to be the most interesting and honest Democrat candidate the party has fielded in decades.

During their discussion, RFK, Jr. told Megyn Kelly,

“President Biden at some point is going to have to debate President Trump as the Presumptive Nominee of the Republican Party. President Trump has shown himself to be the most devastating debater probably since Abraham Lincoln in terms of just his capacity to obliterate and dispatch opponents.”

Of course, this is completely honest statement and did not go unnoticed by the Trump campaign.
President Trump reposted this on Truth Social on Wednesday.

In 2016, President Trump wiped the floor with a dozen prominent Republican candidates, including several successful governors and business leaders.

The Democrat Party will not like to hear this. Tough.

Robert Kennedy, Jr. continues to impress.

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