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School Employee Gets Bad News After Savage Beating of Homebound Student Is Caught on Camera

A school bus monitor, who until recently was employed by a Texas school district, unleashed a savage beating on a student on the bus ride home. Now that police are getting involved, it’s looking like he’ll get a chance to prove how tough he is once in lockup.

The incident unfolded as a bus belonging to the Conroe Independent School District delivered students home Thursday.

Video of the attack only captured a portion of the event, but the few moments recorded paint a heinous picture.

It began with little context as the then-employee appeared to be blocking a 17-year-old child’s exit from the bus before launching a sickening attack on the student. He strikes repeatedly with an object in his hand, pummeling the child as he attempts to stand back up.

The recording, apparently made from the back of the bus, clearly shows the unnamed ex-employee’s savage attack on the student to the shock of his fellow bus riders.


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WARNING: The following video contains images that some readers may find disturbing. 

According to Texas-based investigative reporter Sarah Fields, the child had to be transported to the emergency room for his injuries.

Should crimes against children carry much harsher sentencing?

It’s not known what transpired before the video, but accounts from student witnesses hint it was a totally unprovoked attack.

“I was honestly shocked. I never expected that I would see someone that is supposed to be a role model and a leader in our school, like a staff member,” student Alexa Perez told KPRC-TV.

“I would never think that they would put their hands on a kid,” Perez continued. “He was going at it. He was just mercilessly hitting this kid.”

“I was really surprised,” another student Evelyn Segura told KPRC. “I didn’t think that any teacher would ever do that honestly.”

Fortunately for children attending school in the district, this tough guy won’t have a chance to beat on students anytime soon.


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“We are disturbed by this unacceptable behavior which is not representative of our hundreds of hard-working transportation staff,” Conroe ISD Communications Director Sarah Blakelock said, according to the Montgomery County Courier.

“The individual is no longer employed by the district, and the Conroe ISD Police Department is completing their investigation with the expectation of pursuing criminal charges.”

If this unnamed former employee does end up in prison, he’s likely to join a long line of other child abusers to suffer extrajudicial punishment at the hands (and shivs) of fellow inmates. Many of these “men” face relentless terror once behind bars as their crimes against the innocent and defenseless unsettle even the most hardened criminals.

The incident highlights larger problems in public schools, chiefly being whom parents trust with their children.

School districts are often massive organizations, employing hundreds and even thousands of people working as teachers, aides and administrators. Amid increasing indoctrination aligning to a perverted LGBT agenda, school employee misbehavior becomes much more disturbing.

While this sick progressivism rears its head as innocent “sexuality” clubs, it’s clear children are being exposed to behavior that no minor should see or experience.

Whether students are being abused physically, mentally or spiritually, we must put a stop to it. ALL our children are owed safe and sane schooling.

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