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She Was Singing a Much Different Tune

Irked by antagonistic comments from “The View” co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin, who served in the Trump White House, former President Donald Trump lashed out at her for changing her story now that she is on a liberal TV show.

Griffin was among those who said the CNN town hall that Trump dominated was valuable.

“America got to see who he is last night: a ranting, raving lunatic, who sided with Vladimir Putin,” Griffin said after the event, according to the New York Post.

Griffin earlier this month alleged that Trump being inappropriate with young female staffers was an “open secret” at the White House, according to Mediaite.

“Listen, the man’s the former commander-in-chief, he’s currently far and away the Republican frontrunner for president, and I think the American public needs to know who Donald Trump is,” she said.


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“I saw behavior and engagement with very young junior female staffers from the former president that made me uncomfortable,” she said.

But Trump, who has made no secret that he prizes loyalty, took to his Truth Social platform to fight back.

“Backbencher in the Trump Administration, Alyssa Farah, like so many other sleazebags, had only glowing reviews of the Trump Administration until long after she left. A loser then, and a loser now! More to follow,” Trump posted.

Trump added another post with a video.

Is Alyssa Farah credible?

“Wow! Word is that they are revolting at the ‘View’ and CNN, and want Farrah OUT! Much more to come. She tried to delete out her words, but we got them ALL. I don’t see how she lasts because this ‘stuff’ shows what a phony she is. MUCH MORE TO COME!” Trump posted.

“They won’t be able to take the Radical Left Heat, just as CNN wants to fire the ‘boss’ because of the absolutely lovely Town Hall they just put on. One of their biggest ratings nights in years, & they are begging for mercy. CNN, let’s do another one?” Trump posted.

In a video accompanying the post, Griffin recalled her first meeting with Trump, noting that he spoke to her saying, “Hi smiley.”

She said she was “smiling so wide because I was just excited to see him.”

In the video she said Trump was “A remarkable man.”


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“The more time you spend with him behind closed doors the more you understand what makes him such a strong leader for our nation,” she said in the video.

Trump later posted another video in which she defended Trump against the media.

“It’s fascinating watching him meet with other heads of state. The true relationship that he’s built with so many of these people and the mutual level of respect. He cuts through the diplomatic B.S. that we knew with, you know, his predecessors, and is achieving things,” she said.

“So cool to watch her twist!” Trump wrote.

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