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Subway Hero Daniel Penny Breaks Silence – Says Untimely Death of Jordan Neely Not About Race, but a Broken System | The Gateway Pundit

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In a recent interview with the New York Post, Daniel Penny, a 24-year-old decorated Marine veteran and college student, adamantly maintained that the fatal chokehold killing of Jordan Neely was not motivated by race but rather by a broken system that failed both him and the victim.

Jordan Neely is the homeless man who recently died on the New York City subway system while being restrained by other passengers.

The media and far-left Democrats have been working overtime to portray Neely as an innocent victim of murder.

Race protesters demanded Penny be charged for Neely’s death. Earlier this month, Penny surrendered to authorities and was charged with second-degree manslaughter, punishable by 3 to 15 years in prison. He posted bail for $100,000.

This comes after Bragg’s office has decided to press charges against Penny without being presented to a grand jury.

In his interview with The Post, Penny denied any racial motivation behind the incident, emphasizing that the events were a tragic consequence of a larger problem.

“This had nothing to do with race,” said Penny.

“I judge a person based on their character. I’m not a white supremacist.”

“I mean, it’s, it’s a little bit comical. Everybody who’s ever met me can tell you, I love all people, I love all cultures. You can tell by my past and all my travels and adventures around the world. I was actually planning a road trip through Africa before this happened.”

Penny appeared somber when he was asked what he would say to Jordan Neely’s family.

“I’m deeply saddened by the loss of life,” Penny said ” It’s tragic what happened to him. Hopefully, we can change the system that’s so desperately failed us.”

“You know, I live an authentic and genuine life,” Penny said. “And I would — if there was a threat and danger in the present …” Penny answered affirmatively when asked if he would do the same thing again given the same circumstances.

Penny’s defense team stated that their client did not want to kill Neely when he restrained him but was instead attempting to protect himself and his fellow passengers from a dangerous homeless man with a history of mental illness and multiple arrests.

According to Daniel Penny’s lawyer, Thomas Kenniff, witnesses aboard the train will back up Penny’s story.

Kenniff indicated that these individuals would corroborate Penny’s account, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding the incident that led to his client’s charges.

A fundraising campaign was launched by Raiser & Kenniff, P.C., a law firm that specializes in criminal defense in New York City, to help pay for Penny’s legal defense after the May 1 incident.

On Saturday, the GiveSendGo fundraiser raised over $2.7 million to help retired Marine Daniel Penny pay for his defense.

** Please donate to hero Marine veteran Daniel Penny here:

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