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There’s Something ‘Seriously Wrong’ with Trudeau’s Left Hand in Viral Video of Him Flipping Pancakes

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went to Calgary to make some speeches, shake some hands and mingle with the crowds at the annual Calgary Stampede rodeo.

However, one social media focused on whether a shot of Trudeau flipping pancakes was some harbinger of something wrong with Canada’s leader.

“There is something seriously wrong with Justin Trudeau’s left hand Does anyone know what this is?” one Twitter user wrote after sharing a video of Trudeau flipping pancakes with his right hand while his left appears in the posted shot to be contorted.


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The video stirred comments on Twitter, with posters offering diagnoses that were more political than medical.

Is what was happening to Trudeau’s hand normal?


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Trudeau and Alberta Premier Danielle Smith each attended the pancake breakfast sponsored by the local Ismaili Muslim community, according to CBC.

Trudeau noted that his father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, is often praised by members of the community for his work to start the resettlement of Ismaili Muslims.

“It is much more true that my father and I and Canada owe you a debt of gratitude. Not just for what you’ve contributed to this country but for being a shining example of what welcoming people who are fleeing violence, persecution, fear can do,” he said.

“When we welcome in refugees, we are not only giving them opportunities. We are enriching our country so deeply from everything this community has done in Canada.”

Federal Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre also attended and spoke about what he sees as Canada’s problems.

“Life costs more. Work doesn’t pay. Housing costs have doubled. Crime, chaos, drugs and disorder are common in our streets,” Poilievre said.

“Some of my best memories were when I had one of my first jobs, picking up garbage at the Stampede … and now we actually have to clean house on Parliament Hill and in Ottawa as well.”

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