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Todd Bensman: FOIA Request Reveals U.S. Invited Citizens From 96 Countries To Cross The Border

Todd Bensman of the Center for Immigration Studies joins Steve Bannon’s WarRoom to discuss a FOIA request of CBP One immigration portal revealing the Biden administration’s immigration scheme and the true data behind who is being allowed an expedited pathway into the country. Since the administration switched to the “lawful pathways” strategy, Biden’s Department of Homeland Security has offered little information on the total number, nationalities, and means of arrival of individuals it has brought into the United States through this program. The Center for Immigration Studies reports, “The Biden administration’s CBP One decisions is bringing in through the land ports on humanitarian protection grounds more than 57,000 Mexican nationals, representing the largest single nationality in the program. This is clearly part of an unknown in-house program probably unrelated to any need for humanitarian intervention because Mexican citizens almost never qualify for U.S. protections and are rejected for asylum at a rate of 96 percent, so relatively few bother to apply.” Bensman also reveals that immigrants are coming from 96 different countries including 24 that pose serious terrorism risks.

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