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Two Peas In a Pod. Kamala Harris Talks to Al Sharpton About “What Erosion of Democracy Will Mean” (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

When one thinks of Kamala Harris, it would be difficult to imagine she is actually concerned about our “democracy.”

Add that to the fact she is expressing it to one of the great frauds of our time, Al Sharpton.

Kamala Harris joined Al Sharpton for a sit-down interview on MSNBC’s “Politics Nation” which aired on Saturday.

Harris told Al Sharpton, “One of the things that is one of the things I wake up thinking about is not only what an erosion of democracy will mean for the American people, what it will mean invariably for people around the world. Can you imagine?”

Maybe Kamala Harris needs to answer her own question and apply it to the Patriots who are unjustly jailed for January 6th. And what about massive election interference with President Trump for the 2024 upcoming election?


Harris boasted about Biden’s failed presidency.

“There are many things that I am proud of that we have done that have been, I think, in many ways, and I say this humbly, that have been transformational for our country,” Kamala Harris told Al Sharpton.


It is difficult to imagine what Kamala means by “transformational.”

Maybe she is referring to high gas prices, a two-tier justice system, hyperinflation, and every country’s running joke on the incompetence of our Federal government.

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