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VIDEO: Eiffel Tower Evacuated Over Bomb Threat | The Gateway Pundit

The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, was evacuated on Saturday due to a bomb threat.

The evacuation lasted for several hours until authorities determined that it was safe.

According to a report from France 24, “bomb disposal experts and police scoured the area, including a restaurant located on one of the floors.”

The three floors of the tower, as well as the square underneath, were all evacuated. Traffic was also diverted away from the area.

“It’s a usual procedure in this kind of situation which however is rare,” a spokeswoman for the tower told the news outlet.

Nearly seven million people visit the Eiffel Tower each year, from all over the world.

The monument has reopened to the public, and traffic around the area has returned to normal.

“The monument has a police station at the foot of the south pillar, its premises are under video surveillance, and visitors have to undergo security checks before entry,” CNN reports.

Details about the threat, where it came from, or if there are any suspects have not been released at this time.

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