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VIDEO: “Wagner” Group Soldiers Raise the Russian Flag after Historic Victory in Bakhmut, Ukraine | The Gateway Pundit

Soldier raises Russian flag after taking Bakhmut, Ukraine – screen grab

Earlier this morning, Gateway Pundit contributor Paul Serran reported that Bakhmut, Ukraine had fallen.

This was a major blow to Ukraine, NATO, the Biden regime, and the globalists.

As Paul reported:

“Artyomovsk (Russian name) is an important city in the Donbas, the Russian-speaking region comprised of the Luhansk and Donetsk Oblasts (states). The defense of the ethnic Russians in this region was one of the primary objectives of Putin in his Special Military Operation, so the capture of this key regional logistics and transport hub is crucial to the Russian plans of liberating the areas of Donetsk Oblast still under Kiev’s control.

While US and UK officials have, as of late, tried to downplay the strategic importance of Bakhmut (Ukrainian name), deeming it to be merely ‘symbolic’, Ukrainian president Zelensky stated that a loss in Bakhmut would mean an open road for Russian forced to attack other important cities in Eastern Ukraine.

As for the symbolic value of Bakhmut, Zelensky called it the ‘the fortress of our morale’, so it’s understandable that he and his Generals may have chosen to defend it to the end, rather than retreat their overwhelmed troops while they still could. But ‘the end’ appears to be nearing.”

Today’s news is a major blow to Ukraine and the West.

It’s time for these Western leaders to start talking about a peace deal. There are only so many Ukrainians left to kill.

Russian soldiers raise the Russian flag after victory in Bakhmut, Ukraine – screen grab

Intel Slava released video of the destruction in Bakhmut.

And Intel Slava Z released footage of Russian soldiers celebrating the victory in Bakhmut, a city that was completely destroyed by the fighting.

Via Intel Slava.

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