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Walgreens Employee Gets a Brutal Surprise After Trying to Stop Shoplifters

Police in Missouri are looking for the suspects involved in a shoplifting incident at Walgreens that turned brutal when an employee tried to stop them.

According to WDAF-TV, police in the town of Independence say that two teens allegedly tried to rob a local Walgreens last week but did more than just attempt to steal goods.

It all started when the two teenagers, along with another teenager and an adult, walked into the Walgreens store. Only one of them had sunglasses on when they entered.

When they left, the teen without sunglasses had acquired some. One Walgreens employee, a woman in her 60s, told the adult to pay for the sunglasses, but she refused. Two of the teenagers then came back into the store.

They took a Sprite and sprayed it in the employee’s face, but the employee was able to block it.


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Video from the incident then shows one of the teenagers punching the employee multiple times in the face outside of the store. After being punched, the woman fell to the ground and hit her head on the concrete, while the other teenager can be heard yelling in the background.

Police are now asking people to help them find the teenagers involved in the altercation.

Jack Taylor, a spokesman for Independence Police, expressed shock at the incident in comments he made to WDAF.

“I was shocked to see something like that,” he said, “It’s kind of disturbing to watch.”

Should employees step in to stop shoplifters?

Indeed, this incident is shocking and the footage is disturbing, but it unfortunately speaks volumes about the current state of law and crime in the United States today.

In America, thanks to woke “soft-on-crime” policies, petty crime has basically been decriminalized since police are discouraged from chasing down criminals such as shoplifters, and there is only so much that store employees are allowed to do.

Lawlessness begets more lawlessness, and the more that criminals see that the authorities are not going to do anything to stop them, the more likely they are to commit violent crimes like this.

Even in places like Missouri, which is a red state and laws are still enforced, the prevailing atmosphere of disrespect for the rule of law means that more young people are turning to crime.

What happened here was a store employee thought that she could easily prevent criminals from breaking the law, but found out that, unfortunately, these teenagers do not care one bit about respect for the law.


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Frankly, you can hardly blame them for having this attitude toward the law. When even fundamental laws such as immigration laws are disregarded by the leftists running this country, it is only natural that other laws should be ignored as well.

After all, once you can justify ignoring a single law, it becomes increasingly easier to justify it time and time again.

Local authorities need to do more to enable the police to respond to these crimes, and store employees need to be empowered to prevent them.

It really is very simple – the more the laws are enforced, the less people will break them.

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