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What Really Happened On January 6

Authored by Douglas Schwartz via,

Much of the January 6, 2021 mythology is wrong, on the right and left.  

The J6 relevance continues, as the basis for Trump’s impeachment and indictment.  

Tucker Carlson’s unaired interview with Steven Sund, Capitol Police chief on J6, is probative.  Carlson intended to air the interview the day he was fired.  Sund, and the sergeants at arms of the House and Senate, “resigned” on January 7.  These lifelong, consummate law enforcement professionals were at the top of their profession.  Carlson elicited Sund’s insistence he was denied intelligence indicating that wholesale violence was planned:

“This didn’t have to happen.  Everything appears to be a cover-up.”  

Sund reported that the crowd was filled with federal agents during “a planned, coordinated attack.”  Carlson just re-interviewed Sund.  (Must viewing.)  

Carlson: “a systematic denial of intelligence and support.” 

Were these three officials fired to create convenient scapegoats?  Was the intent to silence them before installing compliant replacements?  Pelosi’s J6 committee destroyed evidence.  Sund revealed that whistleblowers have been forced out (Capitol employees lack whistleblower protections).

Many on the right assume that everyone indicted was innocent of seditious conspiracy.  The original and superseding indictments of Oath Keepers defendants appear to dispel that idea: 

While certain Oath Keepers members and affiliates inside of Washington, D.C., breached the Capitol grounds and building, others remained stationed just outside of the city in QRF [Quick Reaction Force] teams.  The QRF teams were prepared to rapidly transport firearms and other weapons into Washington, D.C., in support of operations aimed at using force to stop the lawful transfer of presidential power.  

The indictments describe individuals playing Rambo, with firearms, ammo, encrypted messaging, short-wave radios, scopes, military attire, and night-vision devices, much of this stashed across the Potomac in Virginia.  They split into two attention-grabbing “stacks” for their Capitol assault:

Members of Stack One … equipped themselves with communication devices and reinforced vests, helmets, goggles, and other tactical gear. … Stack Two … equipped themselves with battle apparel and gear, including hard-knuckle tactical gloves, tactical vests, ballistic goggles, radios, chemical sprays … fatigues, goggles, scissors, a large stick, and [an] 82-pound German Shepherd. … Sometime on or after January 6, 2021, RHODES deleted from his cellular telephone certain media, files, and communications that showed his involvement in the conduct alleged.  On January 8, 2021, RHODES encouraged co-conspirators to delete media, files, and communications that showed their involvement in the conduct alleged herein.

Oath Keepers leader Rhodes made purchases of firearms and related equipment totaling $22,000 in the week before J6.  In the eight days afterward (pre-inauguration), another $17,000 was spent.  Many suspected Yale Law grad Rhodes of being an agent provocateur, an assumption now unclear after his 18-year sentence.  The total indicted is 1,105 and climbing weekly, after “the largest criminal investigation in U.S. history.”

Only 17 were charged with seditious conspiracy: Oath Keepers and Proud Boys.  Hardly a vast right-wing conspiracy.  The current Capitol Police chief is fuming at Carlson for characterizing the protest as largely peaceful.  Both are correct.  There were two sets of protesters: the 99.9% peaceful and the violent.

On January 7, prior to being canned, Sund released an official statement:

United States Capitol Police officers and our law enforcement partners responded valiantly when faced with thousands of individuals involved in violent riotous actions as they stormed the United States Capitol Building.  These individuals actively attacked United States Capitol Police Officers and other uniformed law enforcement officers with metal pipes, discharged chemical irritants, and took up other weapons against our officers. … This was an attack … was pre-planned, and involved participants from a number of states who came well equipped, coordinated, and prepared to carry out a violent insurrection at the United States Capitol.  I witnessed insurgents beating police officers with fists, pipes, sticks, bats, metal barricades, and flag poles.  These criminals came prepared for war.  They came with weapons, chemical munitions and explosives.  They came with shields, ballistic protection, and tactical gear.  They came with their own radio system to coordinate the attack, as well as climbing gear and other equipment to defeat the Capitol’s security features.

Was this a MAGA crowd or experienced, organized Antifa subversives?  Congress reconvened that evening, finishing certifying Electoral College results at 3:44 A.M.  In debate remarks, Representative Matt Gaetz stated:

I don’t know if the reports are true, but The Washington Times just reported some pretty compelling evidence from a facial recognition company showing that some people who breached the Capitol today were not Trump supporters.  They were masquerading as Trump supporters, and, in fact, were members of the violent terrorist group Antifa.

The truth was known then and has since been buried.  Sund’s 400-page book released in January relates a bizarre December 31 call from an agitated Maxine Waters: 

Representative Waters then asked what seemed like the most random question: What were we going to do “to prevent protesters from climbing on top of the Capitol?”  She’s concerned about people climbing on the building? … We had never had protesters climb on top of the Capitol.

Waters’s prescience was fascinating.  FBI director Wray was evasive in congressional testimony.  Firing the three law enforcement officials provides additional evidence of a cover-up to permit narrative engineering.  The media worked overtime to deny Antifa connections, referring to “the Antifa lie.”  The facts are known: federal actors were present in force, perhaps coordinating with Antifa (AKA rebranded violent commies).  Even false-flag Antifa were present.

Communist agitators have long subverted Washington protests.  President Hoover on the 1932 Bonus March:

I wish to state emphatically that the extraordinary proportion of criminal, Communist, and nonveteran elements amongst the marchers as shown by this report, should not be taken to reflect upon the many thousands of honest, law-abiding men who came to Washington with full right of presentation of their views to the Congress.  This better element and their leaders acted at all times to restrain crime and violence, but after the adjournment of Congress a large portion of them returned to their homes and gradually these better elements lost control.  This report should correct the many misstatements of fact as to this incident with which the country has been flooded.

President Trump could state much the same.  Hoover estimated that over 900 Bonus Marchers were “ex-convicts and Communists.”

Until Republicans awaken, false-flag ambushes will repeat.  Nineteen thirty-two’s conspirators were outside government; today’s are embedded.  The J6 “select” committee, like the Warren Commission, served to obfuscate.  The truth finally leaked out on August 3.  It was an inside job.  Mitch McConnell was in the middle of it.  Actions of the DHS were beyond suspicious.  Rhodes’s stacks served to attract maximum attention.  Like Ray EppsRhodes never entered the building.  Some who should have been arrested have been ignored.  Not one Antifa asset has been prosecuted.  Much violence was instigated by police, perhaps inadvertently.

There is still more to discover.  Twenty twenty election fraud, COVID tyranny, and J6 chaos suggest sophisticated, orchestrated operations, related aspects of desperate efforts to Keep America Crooked.  That desperation leaves telltale evidence.


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