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Whistleblower Joseph Ziegler Says IRS Investigators Discouraged from Probing Biden Crimes: Told that Interviewing Hunter Biden’s Adult Children Would ‘Get Us into Hot Water’ | The Gateway Pundit

In an exclusive interview with CBS’s Catherine Herridge, Joseph Ziegler, referred to as whistleblower x, shed light on the internal restrictions on investigations concerning Joe Biden.

CBS broadcast a segment of its exclusive interview with Ziegler, who has worked for the Internal Revenue Service for the past 13 years, on the same day that Ziegler testified in front of the House Committee at the request of lawmakers.

When Herridge asked Ziegler if he had found evidence that President Biden had financially benefited from his son, Hunter Biden’s deals, Ziegler did not feel comfortable answering the question. He alluded to an environment within the IRS that curtailed the scope of their inquiries related to the President.

“Anytime we potentially wanted to go down the road of asking questions related to the President, it was, ‘that’s going to take too much approvals? We can’t ask those questions.’ And I mean, it created an environment that was very hard to deal with,” Ziegler said.

Herridge acknowledged the politically sensitive nature of the case and the logical requirement of additional approvals that it might entail. To this, Ziegler agreed but also pointed out an apparent reluctance to pursue such lines of inquiry within the IRS.

“Yes, I do understand that aspect, but it would be like, ‘well, let’s think about it. Let’s put that on the back burner’,” Ziegler added.

“When you’re prevented from going down certain roads, I guess I don’t know what could have been found if we were not hamstrung or not handcuffed,” Ziegler told CBS News.


When asked why he wanted to interview Hunter Biden’s adult children, Ziegler pointed to their connection with certain business deductions and expenses. However, he stated that the necessary approvals for these interviews were never granted, despite the potential implications for the investigation.

“We never received the approvals to talk to those people,” said Ziegler.

An Assistant U.S. Attorney reportedly warned him against further pursuing these leads, saying, “That’s going to get us into hot water.”


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