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WSJ Blames Abysmal Recruitment Numbers On Military Veterans

Authored by Jack Hellner via,

The Wall Street Journal published a piece heaping the blame for the military recruitment crisis on those who have served – yes, you read that right, military veterans are the problem.

Not the drag queens, not the anti-white rhetoric and policies of Lloyd Austin, not coerced participation in experimental drug trials, but those who enlisted and served.

It is appalling that our media blames low recruitment numbers on people who sacrificed and risked their lives for their country. The headline and teaser read as follows:

The Military Recruiting Crisis: Even Veterans Don’t Want Their Families to Join

Pentagon scrambles to retain the main pipeline for new service members as disillusioned families steer young people away[.]

Maybe reporter Ben Kesling should have questioned whether current government policies might be causing the problem instead of just repeating the government talking points.

Maybe the veterans look at the disaster at the Kabul airport in August of 2021, and they don’t want their children to report to so many incompetents.

Maybe they’re disillusioned because they gave limbs or lost friends in the deserts and mountains of Afghanistan, only to watch Joe Biden leave people and equipment behind for the benefit of the very forces against which Americans fought.

Maybe they find a commander-in-chief who fails to accept responsibility and acknowledge he is to blame for leaving so many behind, unworthy of serving.

Maybe they don’t trust a “leader” who pretends to care about the Americans who died, but can’t help from checking the time as their remains are brought home and bragging about how successful the exit was.

Maybe the veterans don’t want their children to sacrifice for a regime that seems to work so hard to appease and enrich Iran as the nation still pledges death to America and her people.

Maybe the veterans would like the military to focus on defending the country instead of focusing time and effort on DIE, pronouns, and Pride.

Maybe the veterans were unhappy that the government was using taxpayer money for drag shows, and only stopped when Republicans raised a stink.

Why have news reports on current conditions in Afghanistan essentially stopped? Could it be that the media doesn’t want to remind the voters how bad it is?

Why isn’t the military able to fill the gap in recruitment with young cross-dressing wokesters, since those are the people to whom it is catering, instead of blaming veterans?

Maybe the veterans are angry that so many healthy young people were betrayed and expelled from the military for exercising their free will and inalienable rights to abstain from being a lab rat.

Maybe some veterans are angry that the military is violating federal law by using taxpayer money to pay for abortions.

Maybe the veterans are aggravated that the military, along with the entire government, is more focused on pretending they can control the climate, than in defending ourselves against real-world foes like China, Iran, Russia, and North Korea — nations that are hyper-focused on building their military power. My guess is that veterans, many who have seen combat, are more worried about unchecked evil than fabricated doomsday predictions.

Did you see Lockheed Martin’s Pride parade banner? What else can one infer except a concerted agenda by the powers that be to promote war as fun, silly, and colorful. How eco-friendly and sustainable it would be if we were to use battery-operated ships, planes, and tanks! Can we call a truce every time we have to recharge the batteries? (Afterall, our enemies are sticking with gas-powered transportation.)

It would be like America is taking a peashooter to a machine gun fight. What could go wrong?

Maybe the veterans want a commander-in-chief who doesn’t appoint so many people who can’t tell the difference between men and women.

Think of all the money we could save if we just housed everyone together and labeled all facilities for they/them since they can’t seem to tell the difference! What could go wrong?

We should also get rid of all academic and physical standards because they clearly discriminate. Our fighting force would be so much better if we didn’t have standards…wouldn’t it? Our adversaries will destroy and subjugate us, but at least we will have much higher DIE and ESG scores.

I bet China, Iran, Russian, and North Korean leaders can tell the difference between men and women, and don’t worry about “misgendering.”

Maybe it worries veterans that the military leader only acknowledges six of his seven grandchildren. If he doesn’t care for the littlest members of his own family, how much less those in whom he has no familial bond?

Joe Biden and the entire left love to blame others for their failures:

Biden and Kamala Harris blame the massive influx of illegals on President Trump instead of the fact that they refuse to enforce immigration laws and secure the border.

Biden and his cabinet of Party “economists” blame the massive inflation increase on COVID and Russia, instead of Democrat policies like the destruction of reasonably priced energy and massive spending programs (especially the supposed green energy ones).

And, Biden blamed the smackdown of his illegal attempt to buy votes with a student loan giveaway on MAGA Republicans, and a rogue Supreme Court, instead of that pesky Constitution and its stupid separation of powers requirement. Those darn founding fathers!

Now, media allies like Keslng blame the great shortfall of military recruitment on those who gave great sacrifice to our country — that is the thanks they get from leftists.

Here’s a novel concept for the media: Report the news and facts instead of regurgitating talking points…maybe your poll numbers will go up.


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