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‘You Cannot Separate the Biden Businesses from Joe Biden’s Political Position in Power’

Friday, during an appearance on FNC’s “Hannity,” New York Times best-selling author, Breitbart News senior contributor, and Government Accountability Institute president Peter Schweizer dismissed claims that the Biden families businesses could be separated from President Joe Biden’s past positions of power.

According to Schweizer, Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca business was “centered around” his father’s position of power.

“I mean, look, really, from the beginning, Joe Biden is the center of all of this,” he said. “Think when Hunter starts this business, Rosemont Seneca, that does the deals in China, that gets him hooked up in Ukraine, he starts it in 2009, just months after his father becomes vice president of the United States, up until that point, Sean, he had been a lobbyist for entities in Delaware lobbying his own father. So the entire business enterprise was centered around his father’s elevation to the vice presidency, and then you look at the deals in China. Those deals get secured days after he shows up in China. Where? On Air Force Two with his father.”

“So you cannot separate the Biden businesses from Joe Biden’s political position in power, and the notion that he just shows up and shakes hands and that just leads these foreign nationals to throw money at Hunter is laughable,” Schweizer continued. “These foreign nationals are sending money to Joe, to Hunter Biden and the Biden family because they know it’s going to give them special access and possible favors with the vice president of the United States.”

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