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Biden’s Next Step: Transitioning Illegal Aliens into Citizens to Fundamentally Transform America

The Biden’s administration’s decision to open the northern and southern borders of the United States has profound implications for every aspect of American life.  U.S. politics, economics, and society are being transformed in real time and with revolutionary effect.  Having opened the border, the central issue for the Biden administration is how to transition illegal aliens into permanent residents so that they can stay and then into citizens so that they can vote.  That is necessary to achieve their larger aim of transitioning the United States from a constitutional republic to a tyrannical one-party state.

The aim of ensuring that the illegal aliens remain in the U.S. permanently is heavily informed by the political calendar.  It will also be resolved by the logic of that calendar.  President Biden is unlikely to run again and will announce his retirement soon after the Democrats’ convention in August—if he can make it that long.  The convention will be his valedictory where he will be feted just before the party leaders bring out the old shepherd’s hook of Vaudeville theater days to yank him off the stage.  “Give ‘im the hook,” was the refrain for bad acts at Miner’s Bowery theater, and it will echo once again at the Chicago convention this August.

After the election, whether Donald Trump wins, or if Gavin Newsom or Michelle Obama win, but before the new president is inaugurated, Biden will have the window to employ a mechanism or combination of mechanisms to ensure that the illegals can stay, such as granting mass parole or Temporary Protective Status (TPS) for all countries from which the illegals come, to the illegal aliens.  What the mechanism or mechanisms Biden employs and whether it is legal is immaterial for the Biden administration—the point is to get them into the country, and then get them voting by legal or illegal means.  The open border illustrates that the Biden administration will act unconstitutionally.  So, what is Constitutional or legal is fundamentally irrelevant.  What is important is advancing the political left’s agenda.  Hence, Biden will parole or grant TPS to the illegals ensuring that legal challenges will be resolved in his favor by a Democrat judge at the federal level and Democrat judges at the appellate level.  This will take years to work its way through the courts by which time the illegals will be de facto permanent residents and perhaps even citizens.

This greatly helps a possible President Newsom or President Michelle Obama in two major ways.  First, Biden allowed illegal aliens into the country.  Second, he will find a mechanism or mechanisms for them to stay.  As a result, the Biden administration has placed the illegals on the path to permanent residence and citizenship and thus to voting.  A Newsom or Michelle Obama administration will be able to advance the narrative that the illegals must stay as they were granted parole or TPS, or whatever tool the Biden administration chooses to employ.  They will assert that with each passing day, they are becoming Americans and are woven into American society and so cannot be deported on moral and legal grounds.  The other usual leftist tropes will be employed as well as part of shaping the narratives to force Americans to accept them despite the gross violation of the rule of law, sovereignty, and the rights of Americans—”they are doing jobs Americans won’t do,” “the U.S. economy needs them,” “it is a human rights violation to deport them,” “it is not safe for them to return,” or “America was built by immigrants.”

If Trump wins, then the lawfare and legal machinations begin.  This will be a battle royale.  The Democrats will fight tooth and nail to ensure that no one is deported, and the vast majority may be placed on a path to citizenship that will be carved out by a leftist federal judge based on reasoning provided by the ACLU or other leftist organizations.  Certainly, leftist federal judges will ensure that deportation orders are stayed, or funding cannot be employed to do so.  In sum, there will be many avenues employed by leftist organizations and leftist judges to throw a spanner in the works.  The left will labor ceaselessly to ensure that Trump cannot deport most of the illegal aliens.  Meanwhile, the clock will be ticking, and with each passing day, month, and year it will be harder to deport them.

Even if Republicans keep the House and win the Senate, as well as the presidency, any law passed will be found unconstitutional within short order.  Again, this will commence machinations that will take years to resolve.  No doubt Chief Justice John Roberts will write the opinion akin to his Obamacare ruling.  Roberts & Co. will say, in essence: “yes, they broke the law, but too much time has passed to deport them, therefore they are here to stay.”  Moreover, it would not be beyond the federal Courts to create a new right in the Constitution that allows an individual who has entered the U.S. to live in the U.S. without fear of deportation.  This will guarantee that many if not most of world’s young single men to live in the United States and soon become citizens with the right to vote.  Even if these individuals do not vote in the numbers the Democrats anticipate, the fact that they will almost certainly be registered guarantees that they will vote for the Democrats given how the Democrats operate.

What Biden has done is appalling, in direct opposition to the Constitution and America’s political principles, history, culture, and traditions.  It is an unconstitutional act which has opened the door to many more millions to come and to stay, and thereby transform the United States.  The country is only at the start of a long and painful process of addressing the implications of the open border and allowing many, many millions of people to enter the country illegally.  What the Biden administration has done is a punch in the face to the American people.  Biden’s actions are intended to forfeit their birthright as Americans.  America is undergoing revolutionary change, right now and in front of the noses of the American people.

Bradley A. Thayer is a Contributing Columnist for Warroom and is @bradleythayer on Gettr and Truth, and @bradthayer at X.  He is the coauthor with James Fanell of Embracing Communist China:  America’s Greatest Strategic Failure.

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