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Kane: Nikki Haley’s “Herpes On The Lips Of MAGA”

Kane Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Citizen Free Press joins Steve Bannon’s WarRoom to discuss CPAC and how Citizen Free Press has been implicated in the Fani Willis Fulton County, Georgia case involving her personal relations with prosecutor Nathan Wade. Kane urges the audience to watch Steve Bannon’s speech. He stresses that MAGA is stronger and more powerful than ever and calls Presidential Candidate Nikki Haley a “Neocon mind virus of the Republican Party,” and “the Herpes on the lip of MAGA.”

No Labels, a prominent political organization, director Joe Cunningham recently told Fox News that he they are considering to get behind Haley as third-party candidate. Kane tells Bannon that if she were  even to consider that she should be banished from the Republican Party.

On the Fani Willis front, the Trump lawyers filed a bombshell Friday morning which featured the cell phone records of Nathan Wade. Fani Willis’s team pulled together a response Friday night packed with errors including arguments not matching evidence. Citizen Free Press was mentioned in a misrepresentation of a tweet put out from the Trump filing accusing them of posting personal information.

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